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Hindustani Classical Music (Vocal)

Hindustani Classical Music (Vocal)

"Geetam, Vadyam tatha Nrityam, Trayam Sangeet Muchyate" - Sangeet Ratnakar

Course Overview

Practice is the mantra. We at our Academy take care of each student individually and work with them to attain their goal. Our Hindustani Classical (Vocal) course is divided into levels. From the very first day of the training we give significant emphasis on the perfection of swaras. We start with the practice of Alankaras and then cover the ragas along with their Aroha Avroha, Pakad, Chalan, Vadi Swar, Samvadi Swar, That, Taal. Our students range from tiny tots to Adults. Typically a level in Hindustani Classical (Vocal) course takes one year to complete. Bandishes are on Madhyalaya. Vilamvit Kheyal, Drut Kheyal, Tarana, Thumri, Chaiti, Kajri are covered at intermediate and advanced levels. *For tiny tots we follow a simple structure of training with introduction of swaras, bahjans along with making them familiar with the name of the Ragas. Our Bhajan course is aesthetically designed with simple to advance level bhajans. We mainly focus on Krishna bhajan, Mira bhajan, Ram Bhajn. We prefer to do shorter lessons in every class and focus more on revisions of old lessons to ensure perfection. Before the beginning of the course we make sure that the knowledge of swaras are strong enough in a learner. If requires we guide our students and help them to practice on the swaras first to improve their singing skill.

Course Features

    Free Trial Class

    Four classes a month

    Access to course materials

    Highlight the techniques of practice

    Enhancement of knowledge through Project work


Subhasree Majumdar (Sangeet Prabhakar from Prayag Sangeet Smiti, Allahabad). Registered teacher and examiner under Akhil Bharatya Gandharva Mahavidalaya Mandal.

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